The long-gestation, high stability business growth strategy.

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Grow your business and enjoy the journey – without overwhelm.

Forget ‘Unicorn businesses’ – this is the age of Blue Whales.

Is your business a Blue Whale waiting to surface?

Envied worldwide, ‘Unicorn Businesses’ reach a $1 billion valuation without being listed on the stock market. But Unicorns are the 0.01%. It’s hard to explain why they succeed – let alone replicate how they do it. So why are we aiming for this? 

In this book, you’ll learn a realistic, predictable, and achievable business growth strategy: The Blue Whale Plan. A Blue Whale business (or business owner) is an individual or venture that shows slow and steady growth… before experiencing a sudden and dramatic surge in expansion. 

Blue Whales are not shiny or new, so they lack funding, support, and attention. But they’re a powerful force in our business landscape. And with the right support, the largest and most influential businesses of our future. This book is your step-by-step guide to becoming the next Blue Whale. Are you ready?

Who should read this book?

This isn’t a start-up guide. And it’s not a book for people hoping for overnight success. That doesn’t exist. 

This book is for business owners who feel like they may have everything they need for sustainable, structured growth – but just need some direction.

It’s for people who know business is hard work. For those sick of reading wishy washy advice on LinkedIn. For those who want the success, but not at the expense of everything they love about life outside of work.

It’s for those who not only want to enjoy the proceeds of success later in life, but to look back and say: that was fun” too. 

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About the author

I’m Phil Teasdale. In the last 20 years, I’ve built three businesses from £0 to £1million+ in annual revenue. And in this time, I’ve worked with more than 3,000 business owners. Most ask me the same question: “what’s the fastest way to grow?” But it’s the wrong question. And it’s why I’ve written The Blue Whale Plan.

I’ve read enough business books to appreciate releasing a new one can feel like a drop in the ocean. So I come with a fresh perspective on business growth and a book that in itself is different, too.

After each chapter, you’ve got work to do. These tasks are important questions. Questions to ask yourself, your business, your team, your business partners, your suppliers, everything. They’re questions you absolutely must have an answer to. 

Think of this as business course in the form of a book. And one that, should you follow the steps, causes a shift of gigantic proportions. 

The size and force of a Blue Whale, you could say.

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